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Authenticity is the new exposition of David Katshiunga. He found inspiration for the exposition in the book titled: Dochter van de dekolonisatie (Daughter of the decolonisation) from the political scientist and author Nadia Nsayi. Some characters, events and life experiences strongly resonate in the book. Katshiunga has transformed certain aspects of the book that he found remarkable, into works of art. This then resulted into an artistically surprising translation. In Authenticity, the artist and the author meet as individuals of the same generation; both being Belgians of Congolese origin. The encounter between his visual art and her writing, has created a platform that sparks up a conversation on the topics of colonisation and decolonisation.

During this evening, a series of artworks were unveiled before the audience, each piece serving as a catalyst for meaningful conversations. Accompanied by notable speakers such as Nadia Nsayi, author and political scientist; Marieke Van Bommel, Director of the MAS Museum; Guido Gryseels, Director of the Royal Museum for Central Africa; Don Moussa Pandzou, author of the book "Yaya na Leki"; Lieve Joris, author; and Anouk Torbeyns, journalist from De Standaard newspaper. We invite you to relive the captivating moments from the "Authenticity" exhibition and discover the profound connections between art, storytelling, and history.

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