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By David Katshiunga
The Hague
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In collaboration with
"The Monarchy and the Colonial Past: 
A new generation and new perspectives"

Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful and unique exhibition about (de)colonization and its consequences. A Dutch premiere by the Belgian-Congolese artist David Katshiunga.


Art that makes you think!

Authenticité drew its inspiration from the book "Dochter van de Decolonisatie / Daughter of Decolonization" by the renowned political scientist Nadia Nsayi. This compelling work takes readers on a profound exploration of the historical relationship between Belgium and the Congo, delving into the lasting repercussions of colonialism. It offers a distinctive perspective that allows us to scrutinize the legacy of colonization and the complex journey of decolonization. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of David Katshiunga's mesmerizing black and white paintings. These artistic masterpieces facilitate a captivating dialogue that transcends time, seamlessly connecting the past with the present. We're delighted to announce that nine (9) remarkable artworks will be on display, with one being unveiled during a special discussion. This particular piece is intricately connected to the discussion's theme and promises to add an enriching dimension to the exhibition.

 06 October 
Visit Expo 
Conversation with Esther Captain, Janice Deul and David Katshiunga, moderated by Ms. Aba on the complex dynamics of (de)colonization within the context of Belgium and the Netherlands.
 07 - 31 October 
13:00 - 18:00
Free Entrance
No inscription needed
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